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About the B.A.

The U.S. Bankruptcy Administrator Program is part of the federal judiciary. It replaces the U.S.Trustee program in the six federal judicial districts in Alabama and North Carolina. The USBA oversees the administration of estates and supervises trustees and other estate fiduciaries. The Bankruptcy Administrator is a non-judicial independent officer of the Judiciary who operates with a full time staff and is completely independent of the bankruptcy and district courts and the clerks of those courts. The Bankruptcy Administrator for the Northern District of Alabama is an appointee of the Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and serves a five-year term, subject to renewal.
In performing the bankruptcy estate oversight function, some of the duties of the Bankruptcy Administrator include:

  • Supervision of all bankruptcy trustees
  • Supervision of all chapter 11 debtors
  • Referral of suspected criminal activities to the U.S. Attorney and FBI for investigation
  • Appearance in bankruptcy, district and circuit courts on issues in bankruptcy cases
  • Review and object (if necessary) to all requests for professional employment and fees
  • Review and move for dismissal of all cases of substantial abuse of the bankruptcy system